Pokémon Magic Mega, officially translated as ポケットモンスターマジック メガ Pokettomonsutāmajikku mega refers to the original manga written and illustrated by kirbynoodle.

Initial ConceptEdit

Creator Kirbynoodle said that the idea for Pokémon Magic Mega came one day when she noticed how Mega Evolution differed immensly from regular Pokémon evolution not only in terms of use but also visually. The flashy change and the dramatic pose as well as the connection of Mega Stones and Key Stones reminder her of magical girl animes.

Kirbynoodle also has stated that Pokemon draws heavy influence from Naoko Takeuchi's Pretty Solider Sailor Moon series.


Despite the fact that the title has an official japanese translation, Kirbynoodle doubts that it will ever be translated.

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