Ryn Yorusa is the civillian form of Magic Mega Gardevoir. Once a carefree schoolgirl and avid Pokémon trainer, her life was turned upside down when she discovers the power of magic mega evolution.


Ryn is a schoolgirl who lives in an unnamed reigon of the Pokémon world. While she can take on big responsibilities, she perfers to take the easy way out. As the series progresses, Ryn matures rapidly as she deals with the challenges she must face, causing her to been seen as "not the same girl".


Ryn has medium-length pinkish-brown hair with parted bangs, one slightly covering her eye. She is tall for a girl her age, at 5'5".


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Ryn's hairstyle originally going to have a light green bob in order for her to look similar to Gardevoir, this was scrapped however, since the color and hairstyle did not go well with her personality, and would look strange on cover art.


Ryn is an alternative spelling of the Japanese name "Rin". It has many meanings, some of which being "companion", "cold", and "defender". Ryn is also a welsh name meaning "ruler".

Her last name, Yorusa, is a reference to Gardevoir's Japanese name "sirnight". "Yoru" means "night", a pun based off of "naito" meaning "knight", "sa" sound similar to "sir". So while Gardevoir's japanese name sirnight can be interpreted as "saa naito", meaning "come knight"; Ryn's last name literally translates to "come night".


  • Ryn's Mother is mentioned, but never shown in the manga.

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